Aleph Zero Project Launch

Sometime today, Swiss blockchain startup Aleph Zero will first launch their $AZERO token to the public on MEXC, an exchange that is based in Singapore.

Aleph Zero first came to my attention earlier last year in 2021, when I chanced upon their website and was impressed by the qualifications, experience and depth of their team that included 4 PhDs in mathematics, computer science, bioinformatics and experts in marketing and finance.

After joining their Telegram Channel, I have observed the team going through the process of moving from testnet to mainnet and securing a number of partnerships with investment groups, liquidity providers, dev projects and others.

Aleph Zero is a new breed layer 1 chain using Directed Acyclic Graph Chain (DAG) technology and a peer-reviewed consensus protocol.

Earlier DAG’s such as Hedera are gaining in attention as potential enterprise compatible blockchains of the future.

Not wanting to be just another chain, the Aleph Zero, team are implementing a number of new and novel technologies to solve the “trilemma” of security, decentralization and scalabillity.

In terms of security, they are solving the MEV problem (where block producers illegally reorder transactions for profit) by integrating MPC and ZK-snarks into their Aleph privacy framework called Liminal.

Regarding Decentralization, Aleph’s DAG is forming a leaderless, large and rotating committee of 100 nodes that will validate the transactions, plus, they are building a DEX called “Common” that could include dark pools as a use case.

About Scalability, according to the information provided, the Aleph Zero team have built an extremely fast chain that has achieved 89,000 TPS in testnet conditions with sub one second finality. If the Aleph Zero team can migrate such speed from testnet to mainnet then one would assume that their protocol could gain a lot of attention from other new breed, high speed competitor chains such as Solana and Near.

Apart from their technical innovations, I was also impressed by the way the Aleph Zero went about their token sale. A rare example in the present era that is dominated by gated token launch platforms that charge investors considerable sums to gain access.

Aleph Zero, stood apart by doing their token sales the old-fashioned way, by themselves directly with the community.

An approach, that would likely have cost them hundreds of hours, solving support tickets for investors, some of whom may have been using a decentralized wallet for the first time.

The upshot of this down to earth, community approach is that Aleph Zero seems to have built considerable goodwill amongst its followers who, on social media, are regularly wildly enthusiastic about the likely long term value of the project.

Will Aleph Zero’s novel high speed, high security chain threaten other rising stars like Solana and Near?

Will it become a popular chain and investment choice for the growing institutional appetite for crypto projects?

It will certainly be an interesting project to keep following..

*Declaration: The author of this article has made a micro-investment in this project.




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Damian Amamoo

The Long View

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